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Carter Nash/Captain Nice, Captain Nice

Television, 1967

Buck Henry created this quickly-canceled TV comedy. He had written the lead role, a chemist whose real name was Carter Nash, with my face in mind but he couldn't remember my name. It didn't come to him until he passed a movie theater with a poster for A Thousand Clowns. The show died but it proved to be very important to me because it put me in contact with Buck, who got me in The Graduate.

We were beginning rehearsals for this spoof of Superman when a strange thing happened. CBS threatened NBC with a lawsuit, claiming that the idea for the show was stolen from them. The lawsuit went nowhere but CBS went ahead and filmed another spoof of Superman and called it Mr. Terrific. The networks went ahead and committed mutual suicide by premiering their shows on the same night with Mr. Terrific airing a half hour before Captain Nice. Neither show got past its original offer.